J. MUTZ KNIVES Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Maker of Custom Handmade Knives

 "Grafting Knife"

  The Grafting Knife is used on farms for cutting buds out of one tree and adding it to another tree. When a tree doesn't produce or has a lack of branches that produce, buds can be added to it from a tree that produces well. These buds will grow into branches that will produce more fruit. This process is also called "Budding" so this knife has been known to take on the name "Budding Knife." Once the bud has been cut from one tree, the spud of the knife is used to lift the bark on the tree in which the bud will be placed. This knife is favored by collectors of traditional American cutlery as it has a rich history to it.

   Jeff produces this knife in Stag, Ebony and Cattle Bone. It has a closed length of 4-1/2" and a blade length of 1-7/8". It is available in all blade steels with the long pull or nail nick. Filework and sheild are optional on this model as with all of Jeff's patterns. Please enjoy a few of these pictures of knives Jeff has made in this pattern: