J. MUTZ KNIVES Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Maker of Custom Handmade Knives


   The Canoe first appeared sometime between 1900 and 1915. It is classified as a double end jack knife that was given its name because it is shaped like a Canoe. The spear main blade is used for general purpose cutting and is also great for skinning. This pattern is a favorite with collectors as well as the person wanting a good every-day-carry knife.

   Jeff makes this pattern in a single bladed gentleman's knife and as the traditional double end two bladed version. Jeff's Canoe pattern has a flat ground blade with a variety of blade steels and finishes to choose from. The blade has a half stop and is available with either a long pull or nail nick and also an optional swedge. The length of this knife is 3-5/8 inches closed with a 2-1/4 inch blade and can be handled in any material you wish. Bolsters, pins and liners are available in stainless steel, nickel-silver or brass. Decorative filework and bar shield are also available. Here are a few examples of knives Jeff has made in this pattern: